2016 Photography Contest Winners

The top placed photos from every category will be on display at the Chamber of Commerce for the month of November.



1) Tiger Rotenburger #52

2) Pat Westhoff #30

3) Kim Eastin #34

  1. HM) Pat Westhoff #5
  2. HM) Kim Eastin #53



1) Garrett Henry Stafford #17

2) Pat Westhoff #19

3) Nathaniel Foster #21



1) Pat Westhoff #11

2) Tami Miller Johansen #14

3) Kim Eastin #10


1) Nancy Decker #3

2) Kelsey Kreyling #4

3) Pat Westhoff #8


1) Pat Westhoff #30

2) Kim Eastin #28

3) Nancy Decker #27



1) Tami Johansen #26

2) Kelley Gude #23

3) Pat Westhoff #25



1) Tiger Rotenburger #52

2) Pat Westhoff

3) Nathan Wayne Nolan #58



1) Kim Eastin #34

2) Pat Westhoff #32

3) Nancy Decker #33



1) Pat Westhoff #31



1) Erick Sebastian Puente #40

2) Donovan Earl Washburn #41

3) Tiger Rotenburger #44



1) Fernando Zahuita #47

2) Liam VanHoesen #49

3) Mauricio Trevino #48

Photography Competition 2016

Entry Sizes: 8×8 inches or 8×10 inches, mounted and matted with white matte. Please mark each entry with name and category in addition to including the entry form.

Entry Form available in the right hand column, download

Categories: Sports/Action, Animals, Architecture, Black & White, Floral, Abstract/Manipulations, Macro, Landscape, Portrait, Youth(up to High School, any category)

Any processing must be limited to that which does not alter the truth of the photographic statement. No elements may be moved, cloned, added, deleted, rearranged, or combined. No manipulation or modification is permitted (Abstract/Manipulations category exempt) except resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening, and restoration of the original color of the scene. ____$10.00 entry fee per photo enclosed ____$7.00 entry fee for youth category ____$7.00 early entry (prior to September 15th)

Entries can be mailed to: Presser Performing Arts Center 900 S. Jefferson Mexico, MO 65265 – or – Dropped off during business hours at: – Mexico Ledger – Mexico Chamber of Commerce – Presser Performing Arts Center

Each entry must include the original digital image (.jpeg or .tiff) and should be submitted with the print entry on a clearly labeled USB drive or disk (CD/DVD) or emailed to david@presserpac.com All photos may be picked up after the Gallery Showing unless otherwise arranged. If the photos remain at PPAC/Chamber longer than 30 days following the gallery, we will assume that we may keep them and use them in the facility. * all photographers must be Missouri residents ** no professional photographers

DEADLINE October 14, 5:00 pm

Gallery Show Saturday October 29, 2:00-3:00. Richardson Hall Lobby


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