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Call for a free tour or to inquire about renting our lovely facility for your next event.

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Stage DiagramFly System Diagram


Our house seats 800.

House 2


Our Stage has a wooden float floor with wings and a fly system.

Fly System


The architectural details of this historic building will add value and appreciation to any event housed in its doors.


Light Booth

State of the art sound and lighting equipment is available.

Sound Board

Our marbled lobby has the original box office that was built in 1925.

Box Office


There are 3 floors of spacious dressing rooms behind the stage

Dressing Room


Presser sits atop park-like grounds perfect for outdoor parties.

Dressing Room Chart

These are merely suggested capacity maximums per room.  There have been more and less in each as needed per group and production.

1st Floor

A = 8-10 Adults

B = 8-10 Adults

2 Bathrooms

2nd Floor

A = 1 Adult

B = 2 Adults

C = 5-6 Adults

D = 10-12 Adults

1 Bathroom

3rd Floor

A = 1 Adult

B = 1 Adult

C = 2 Adults

D = 2 Adults

E = 4 Adults

F = 6-8 Adults

G = 10 Adults

1 Bathroom

There are amenities too numerous to list! Please call if you have any questions.

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