June 1-5, 2020            Artsability,   9:00 am -2:00 pm

Our campers have Mild to Moderate Learning and Developmental Challenges. Artsability camp provides a Structured Environment, Self-Advocacy, Living Skills, project based learning, community, arts appreciation, art projects, theatre performance, music activities, storytelling, and all of it centered around the arts!

This is inclusive of but not limited to:
                        - Developmental Challenges
                        - Learning Disabilities
                        - Down Syndrome
                        - Williams Syndrome
                        - Autism Spectrum Disorder
                        - Social Communication Disorder
                        - Fragile X
                        - Sensory Processing Disorder

This camp is led by Cody Nelson
Mr. Nelson is credited with starting a faith based abilities ministry at his home church in Kansas City growing the program from serving 5 families to 500 families. He is well acquainted with the attentions needed to provide safe learning spaces. Mr. Nelson serves Presser Arts Center as their full time Technical Director and finds joy in serving the needs of others during camp.

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