Behavior Contract

Summer Fine Arts Camp and PAC Behavior Contract

Rules for Rehearsal Space and Theatre Facility

I know that participating in Summer Camp is a privilege and I will abide by the following:

• Respect all personnel-directors, teachers, artistic team members, parents, other students, and facility representatives at all times.

• Use honoring language and actions; I will not gossip, name-call, use profanity or inappropriate words or actions.

• Treat property and facility with care.

• Dress modestly and appropriately; I will not wear clothing that will be distracting-this includes for girls: short pants that are shorter than the length of my arm, no bare midriffs or cleavage showing. Boys: pants must be worn no lower than hips, and no underclothing showing, no tee shirts with inappropriate logos or pictures. No sandals or flip-flops, I must wear closed-toe shoes at all times.

• Be appropriate in my relationship choices and actions; I will avoid the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and overt physical contact with others.

• I will not leave the building without permission of the Director or Assistant Director.

• I will check out with the Director or Assistant Director before I am released to go home. A parent/guardian must come to the door to pick me up.

• My parent(s) or guardian must provide a note if someone else is taking me home.

• I will TURN OFF my cell phone and all other electronic devices prior to entering class each day and KEEP THEM OFF or KEEP THEM AT HOME. I understand that Presser Performing Arts is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

At the Theatre Facility: I understand that

• I do not touch anyone's props except my own, unless directed to do so.

• No eating, drinking (except water) and no horseplay in costume

• Costumes are hung up neatly on hangers every night without exception. Dressing rooms are left clean and orderly.

We are guests in the facilities we are using. Cast members will receive one warning. On the second warning, parents will be called for a conference. Any further violations, cast member will be dismissed from the cast. 

I understand that behavior problems may affect future participation in Presser Performing Arts Center.

I have read the above rules and reviewed them with my child. I agree to hold Presser Performing Arts Center, and/or their assignee's, harmless in the event of an injury or accident.

By completing my name below I agree to all of these terms and conditions.

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