Cast of Our Town

Thank you to all who auditioned!

Stage Manager - Mike Briggs

Dr. Gibbs - David Dragoo

Mrs. Gibbs - Chris Miller (Understudy, Ruth Nation)

George Gibbs - Justin Queen (Understudy, John Murphy)

Rebecca Gibbs - Taylor Carr (Understudy, Kiera Hayden)

Mr. Webb - Mike Moore

Mrs. Webb - Christy Jones (Understudy, Ruth Nation)

Emily Webb - Callie Cox (Understudy, Morgan Dry)

Wally Webb - Lane Masters

Mrs. Soames - Tracy Kushwaha (Understudy, Ruth Nation)

Simon Stimson - Bill Gleeson

Howie Newsome - Steve Case

Joe Crowell, Jr. - John Murphy

Si Crowell - Ella Robertson

Constable Warren - Mike Conner

Sam Craig - Andrew Kristofferson

Townspeople - Ruth Nation, Morgan Dry, Kiera Hayden, Anja Ashton, Molly Claire Mays, Daida Herrera-Garcia, Ethan Wiley, Ashlee Heaston, Kara Kristofferson

Note from the Director:

I am very excited to work with all of you - especially those for whom this will be their first Presser production. I think this cast has the potential to bring something really special to our community.

Our first rehearsal will be January 7th at 6:30 p.m.  Please mark it on your calendar and make every effort to be there.  Our regular rehearsal schedule will begin the following week.  On Mondays and Thursdays we will focus on the lead roles, and on Tuesdays we will focus on the supporting roles.  We will be putting a premium on getting lines memorized early so we can later turn our attention to the finer details of the performances you will craft.  With that in mind, I hope you will take some time over the holidays to start memorizing your part.

Best regards,

Dave Roland