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2019  Stone Soup

2019 Stone Soup

MONDAY,June 22 - FRIDAY, June 26, 2020   9:00 AM  -2:00 PM

One week camp $150 tuition. for those ages going into & graduating Kindergarten

Creative Beginnings is designed for children who have just graduated Kindergarten or who are entering Kindergarten in Fall of 2019. The camp takes on the theme of a noteworthy children’s book and it is centered around those concepts and ideas.
This introductory theatre camp is fast paced and game centered around basic concepts of performance such as: warm-ups, choreography, direction, projection of voice and body, vocal exercises, emotional identification, sharing the stage, alliteration, trust, reading vs. interpreting, ensemble, standing still, acting through the wait, auditioning, sounds, face passes, blocking, performance, lots of play time, lots of self-awareness, educational games and so, so, so much FUN!!!!

This day is full of breaks, 2 snacks and a lunch. No microwavables please! All campers are responsible for their own snacks and lunch. There are several refrigerators in PAC to store lunches, but it is recommended that the snacks and lunches be stored in a foodsafe cooler/lunchbag. They also need to bring a refillable water bottle. We highly recommend no sodas or sugary snacks as there is a notable mood swing in very active campers with high sugary snacks. They must wear closed toe shoes for safety. On occasion some parents will bring snacks for the entire camp to enjoy, if this captures your desire please let us know so we can coordinate the days between parents.

Each camper receives a camp shirt in the size written on their registration form.

No AUDITIONS for this camp, students will be accepted on a first pay first served basis.  25 limited spaces.

Led by Kylie Yeast
Miss Yeast has been with Presser since 2006 as an actress, then working up to intern and now as a camp director. Her passion is working with young children and making education fun and exciting. Her energy is only surpassed by her ability to relate to each camper on their individual basis.

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Creative Beginnings Day 2 (21).JPG