DAYLIGHTERS has been designed for our population that is available during the "daylight" hours, looking for a vibrant relationship between creative expression and healthy aging. We are developing programs that explore this and build on this understanding. Today, we can expect thirty more years of life than past generations - years that hold tremendous, but often untapped, potential for vitality and contribution. As we age, our capacity for creativity increases. We seek meaning and connection. 

Do you want to TRY something before a big commitment? try our Adult Art Camp this summer and try many of our offerings in a compacted bite-sized taste, of what is coming this Fall!

Please join us for creativity, (yes, you are creative!!) Fun, fellowship, purpose and lifetime learning!!


Fine Art: Acrylics, Colorbook Club, Clay Paper Arts, Watercolor, Jewelry Making, Silver Clay Beading

Movement: Ballroom Dance, Healing Movement, Square Dance, Swing, Silks Dance, Yoga

Music: Band, Choir Inst. ensembles, Jamming Wednesdays, Show Choir

Theatre: Kaffeeklatsch, Melodrama, Reader’s Theatre, Storytelling

Fiber arts: Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Appliqué, Quilting, Macramé

Writing: Poetry, Creative Writing, Book Signings

Education: Tech Talk Teas, ESL Tuesday Talks

Most "DAYLIGHT" programs meet during the daylight hours. Tell us what you would like to see and we'll plan it!