Community Theatre

Our Community Theatre is pre-professional; which means the time preceding one's concentrated study or practice of a profession: pre-professional training.

Many of our participants have had professional careers or theatre training from professional settings, and we are fortunate to have them as part of our family.

All our auditions are OPEN, which means ALL are welcome! We like to have fun, and PLAY! Please join us!

Please check out the auditions page to see when to join us next.

Our productions will be on one of two stages our Main Stage, that seats 800 and our Black Box which is flexible staging and seating.




1.     1985 A Lady Takes the Stage

2.     1985 Ugly Duckling/Pot Boiler

3.     1985 Waiting for the Christmas Guest

4.     1985 A Christmas Carol

5.     1986 Goodbye, My Fancy Directed by Ann Ash

6.     1992 Androcles and the Lion Directed By Marne Buchanon

7.     1993 Murder in the Library Directed by Ann Ash

8.     1993 Backyard Story Directed by Lois Brace

9.     1994 See How they Run Directed by Ann Ash

10. 1995 6 RMS RIV VU Directed by Ann Ash

11. 1996 Our Town directed by Greg Pauley

12. 1996 Steel Magnolias directed by Marne Buchanon

13. 1996 Arsenic and Old Lace Directed by Lois Brace

14. 1997 Greater Tuna Directed by Ann Ash

15. 1998 Blithe Spirit Directed by Ann Ash

16. 1999 Barefoot in the Park Directed by Ann Ash

17. 2000 Bell, Book & Candle Directed by Ann Ash

18. 2001 Ten Little Indians Directed by Ann Ash

19. 2001 Bus Stop Directed by Kelly Besalke

20. 2002 The Perfect Blind Date Directed by Mike Briggs

21. 2003 Moon Over Buffalo Directed By Ann Ash

22. 2003 A Christmas Carol Directed by Lois Brace

23. 2004 Ghost of Graceland Directed by Cathy Zinkel

24. 2004 Greater Tuna Christmas Directed by Cathy Zinkel

25. 2005 Pied Piper of Hamelin Directed by Stacy

26. 2005 Agnes of God Directed by Kelly Besalke

27. 2005 Little Shop of Horrors Directed by Lois Brace

28. 2006 Wizard of Oz Directed by Lois Brace

29. 2007 Children of Eden Directed by Chris Lynn

30. 2007 The Fantasticks Directed by Bill Gleeson

31. 2008 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Ballet Directed by Sean France

32. 2008 Music Man JR Directed by Team Baldwin

33. 2008 A Christmas Carol Directed by Lois Brace

34. 2009 Oklahoma JR Directed by Team Baldwin

35. 2009 Peter and the Wolf Ballet directed by Sean France

36. 2009 Cheaper by the Dozen Directed by Martin Jones

37. 2009 Honky Tonk Angels Directed by Lois Brace

38. 2009 Beauty and the Beast Directed by Lois Brace

39. 2009 The Nutcracker Ballet Directed by Lois Brace

40. 2010 On Golden Pond Directed by John Berkbuegler

41. 2010 Seussical JR Directed by Team Baldwin

42. 2010 Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular Directed by Lois Brace

43. 2011 Man of LaMancha Directed by John Berkbuegler and Bill Gleeson

44. 2011 Emmanual Has Come Directed by David Pickering

45. 2011 Aristrocats Kids Directed by Team Baldwin

46. 2011 Alice in Wonderland JR Directed by Team Baldwin

47. 2011 Twelve Angry Men Directed by Carl Abbott

48. 2011 It’s a Wonderful Life Directed by Martin Jones

49. 2011 The Promise Ballet Directed by Cynthia Anderson

50. 2012 101 Dalmations kids Directed by Team Baldwin

51. 2012 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory JRDirected by Team Baldwin

52. 2012 The Sound of Music Directed By Bill Gleeson

53. 2013 The Choice Directed by David Pickering

54. 2013 Kitchen Witches Directed by Michael Jennings

55. 2013 The Jungle Book kids Directed by Team Baldwin

56. 2013 The Little Mermaid Directed by Team Baldwin

57. 2013 Where the Wild things Are Directed By Izzie Duval

58. 2013 Oliver Directed by Lois Brace

59. 2014 Annie kids Directed by Team Baldwin

60. 2014 Bye Bye Birdie JR Directed by Team Baldwin

61. 2014 Rainbow Fish Directed by Melissa Treirweiler

62. 2014 Shrek Directed by Carl Abbott

63. 2014 The Nutcracker Ballet Act II Directed by MCB

64. 2015 King of Kings Directed by Mike Briggs

65. 2015 Sleeping Beauty kids Directed by Team Baldwin

66. 2015 Mulan JR Directed by Team Baldwin

67. 2015 Beekle Directed By Anna Rebman

68. 2015 Mary Poppins Directed by Bill Gleeson

69. 2016 Steel Magnolias Directed by Lennette Brown

70. 2016 Aladdin kids Directed by Team Baldwin

71. 2016 Wizard of Oz JR Directed by Team Baldwin

72. 2016 Giraffes Can’t Dance Directed by Izzie Duval

73. 2016 Into the Woods Directed by Lois Brace

74. 2017 Emmanuel Has Come Directed by David Pickering

75. 2017 Cinderella, Kids directed by Izzie Duval

76. 2017 Are you My Mother directed by Kylie Yeast

77. 2017 Lion King Jr directed by Izzie Duval

78. 2017 Anne of Green Gables Directed by Melissa Treirweiler

80. 2017 Peter Pan directed by Lois Brace

81. 2018 Godspell directed by Lois Brace and Vanessa Brink

82. 2018 First Baptist of Ivy Gap directed by Lennette Brown

83. 2018 Winnie the Pooh, Kids directed by Izzie Duval

84. 2018 The Knats of Knotty Pine directed by Ansel Herrera

85. 2018 Beauty and the Beast, Jr. directed by Izzie Duval

86. 2018 A Little Princess directed by Melissa Trierweiler

87. 2018 Frankenstein directed by Mark Weaver

88. 2018 Annie directed by Lennette Brown and Bill Gleeson

89. 2019 Our Town directed by Dave Roland