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Vickie Davis-Barker

Threads of My Life

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April 7, 2019-May 24, 2019

From the Artist:

My inspiration for this show has come from combining my original paintings from my past and recreating them with my new passion of thread painting. In my original paintings you will find oil, acrylic, watercolor, and stained-glass mediums. In my thread painting you will find hand dyed fabrics, thrift store clothing, and thread painting techniques to create my beautiful thread paintings. As you walk through the exhibit you can see how close by slightly different they look side-by-side.

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Joseph LaMarque

A Record of Life

Opening June 2 3:30-5:30pm

From the Artist

My interest in art began many years ago. My older brother James, who was a Negro League baseball player, would send me advertising posters of his upcoming games. The colorful designs propelled me into a lifetime of creating expressive art. Throughout my career I have collaborated with a variety of professional and amateur artists as part of three separate artist collectives, Creative Coalition, Creative Company and Zuka Artists Guild. Some of the commissions included the Annie Malone Children’s home parade floats, stage plays, wall murals and many individual projects.  

For more than fifty years, without interruption, I have created art in many media. They include drawing, painting, mix media and sculpture. Sculpture holds a unique place, because of its three-dimensional form, physical contact, emotional and spiritual connections inside organic materials. The other media support sculpture by cross training and stimulating my imagination. Oscillation between three-dimensional form to two-dimensional form and back to sculpture rhythmically carries me from one decade into the next. As a seasoned artist, new challenges continue to excite me. This is most profound when I am sharing knowledge with other artists through community involvement.

“Leave a record of life as seen in a moment in time, is it a swing of a bat or a poster of that swing which holds a lasting memory?” J.LaMarque

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Cheryl Morris

Florence Meeks Atkins Art Gallery
June 10, 2018 through August 31, 2018

This series of paintings explores the free and bold cascading of colors, textures and shapes. These works inspire diverse moods, from fun frolicking walks through mountain meadows to windows into the dark, sinister dungeons of internal hell.


Buck Green,

Places YOu Wanna Be

Florence Meeks Atkins Art Gallery
September 16-November 5, 2018


Maria Ojacastro


January 10-19, 2019

Maria Ojascastro creates mixed media artwork, provides professional development workshops, and teaches group and individual art classes.  She collaborates with licensed therapists, published authors and other teaching artists

Margaret Frazier, Western Expansion

February 3-March 25, 2019


From the Artist: MARGARET FRAZIER,

A few years back, I decided to take a summer art class here at Presser Arts Center. I really enjoyed the class; so much so that I signed up for private lessons the following fall. These lessons lasted for years. I thank Vickie Barker for all she taught me. Some of the acrylic paintings in this show are from my time in those lessons. Painting and creating are therapy for me; I can relax and lose myself.

My Inspiration:

Nature’s gifts inspire many of my paintings. I love aspen and pine trees, sagebrush, wildflowers, mountains, red deserts, and the Pacific Ocean. The sound of quaking aspen leaves filling the air and pine needles whistling as the wind blows through them. The smells of the pine and sage as I breathe deep trying to catch my breath in the high altitude are all calming and peaceful.

My Background:

I grew up traveling by car to California and Oregon, so I have been fortunate to see the West up close. Some of my favorite experiences in the West are Trout fishing with my husband, Jeff, in Colorado and with my dad and sister in Wyoming. No matter if I’m hiking, skiing or driving over a pass, the mountaintops are glorious. I always feel as though I am in God’s sanctuary.

With my compass pointing west, please enjoy.