Presser arts center Auditions

August 5 & 6, 2019 6:00-8pm- 2019 Christmas musical Elf The Musical-

This Audition will also include a Dance Audition. Please bring comfortable shoes to learn a Buddy step or two!

If you are auditioning for a principle role please be available for Wednesday August 7 for Callbacks

Show: Elf the Musical
Producer: Presser Arts Center
Project: 2019 Winter Musical
Performances: December 6-8 & 13-15, 2019


ELF is the hilarious tale of Buddy, a young orphan child who mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag of gifts and is transported back to the North Pole. Unaware that he is actually human, Buddy's enormous size and poor toy-making abilities cause him to face the truth..


Buddy is the perfect elf! He is good-natured, he means well, and he is happy all the time. There’s only one problem: he’s not an elf; he’s an adult human. This role is perfect for a young man who is an excellent actor and good singer who has energetic earnestness and comedic timing.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top:
G5 Vocal range bottom: B3


Jovie works as a store elf at Macy’s, but don’t be mistaken: she doesn’t quite exude the Christmas spirit. She is kind of cynical, a bit tough around the edges, and now the target of Buddy’s complete adoration. This is a fantastic role for a young woman with a strong singing voice and acting chops.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Db5
Vocal range bottom: G3


Walter Hobbs, Buddy’s real father, is so focused on keeping his job that he is not making time for his family. He can be stern and unemotional at times, but ultimately he learns to recommit to his family. He has a strong, authoritative presence, but he reveals a softer side.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: B3


Emily Hobbs is Walter’s devoted wife who would prefer her husband to spend a little more time at home. She is a problem solver and an excellent mother who is doing everything she can to provide a positive family dynamic. She has a sense of maturity and warmth.
Gender: Female
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: G3


Michael Hobbs is the smarter-than-average 12-year-old son of Walter and Emily. He quickly befriends his new adult brother, Buddy, and does everything he can to make sure Buddy becomes a permanent part of the family. He has an unchanged voice.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: G3


Deb, Walter’s secretary, has the big responsibility of keeping her boss and the whole office happy. She does this by sharing her positive attitude with everyone. She has a pleasant demeanor, yet efficient work ethic.
Gender: Female


The manager is a terrific featured acting role for a performer with good comedic timing. As the manager of Macy’s, he is doing everything he can to make sure all the employees stay in line.
Gender: Male


Mr. Greenway is one of the crankiest businessmen around. He is the big boss with a commanding presence.
Gender: Male


Santa Claus has a lot on his plate during the Christmas season, and it is starting to show. He is annoyed with the Elves, tired of lying to Buddy and sad that people seem to be losing their Christmas spirit. He is still the same jolly old St. Nick underneath it all, but the job is getting to him. This is a great role for a character performer who can play an older (and somewhat cranky) man while trying hard to keep his holiday spirit.
Gender: Male
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: Bb3


Fake Santas
Security Guards


November 4 & 5, 2019-6-8PM-2020 Spring Musical Sister Act


Open Call auditions

Open Call Auditions means anyone can come watch, listen, and enjoy the party! They are usually on multiple evenings to accommodate differing schedules. It is not necessary to attend all the audition dates, just one. We usually ask you to fill out an audition form, then we will take your picture holding a number which will be put on your audition form. The director will call your name and you will go onstage and you may be asked to sing, or read.  You do not have to prepare anything. If you want to prepare something to act, it should be about 1 minute and show off your range of abilities. If you want to prepare something to sing, it should show off your vocal range, and ability to stay in key. There is a one minute time limit and must be sung a Capella

There will be cuttings from the script laid out on stage and the director will choose which cutting you will read according to how you completed your audition form. The form will ask you what parts you would like to audition for, and those will be the parts you will read for first, but the director may ask you to read for other parts as well. The important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy yourself.  Our theatre people are fun and we like to play. Shakespeare said "the play is the thing".  So play!

Audition Tips

  • Project! If you speak softly, it indicates to the director that he/she must train your voice, as well as direct you.

  • Try new ways of delivering the lines if asked to read more than once.

  • WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING! You may be asked to do something that would "muss up" finer clothing.

  • Be willing to read any part the director asks you to read. He/She may be looking for something in your abilities or attitude.

  • If asked to sing a song try to have one prepared! Choose songs that are appropriate for the audience and your age.

  • From the minute you walk through the door your audition begins. While seated, you can be heard and your attitude can be seen. The assistant director and stage manager are always watching.

  • For young actors it's good to remember that if you can't control yourself, the director won't be able to direct you. A director gives direction. If you can't take direction you will not fit into a play. The play is a collaborative effort of artists.

  • Have FUN! Try to relax and relate to the other actors present. This endeavor involves other people. You will be spending time with these other people and it is important to get along.

  • Please indicate on your audition form if you are willing to help with the production behind the scenes. There are usually 3 people behind the scenes for every 1 person on stage. If you are an actor willing to help in other capacities it increases your chances for landing a part, because you are versatile!

  • Make sure you have read the audition form carefully and are able to comply to the rehearsal schedule. Sometimes the director is flexible with the rehearsal schedule and willing to work with individuals on a flexible schedule, just indicate your schedule on the audition form.

  • No gum or candy in your mouth

  • Don't cover your face with sunglasses or hats

  • Turn off all cell phones

  • No cameras in auditions

  • Read your cutting a couple of times before going on stage if possible

  • Have your hair back our of your eyes

  • Show excitement and enthusiasm

  • Make eye contact

  • Have fun!