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voice lessons


JuliA Coelho

Júlia Coelho, soprano, comes from Portugal. She has a MM in Vocal Performance (2017) from the University of Missouri, and is currently pursuing a MA in Musicology at the same institution, where she studies with Prof. Tharp and worked for 3.5 years as graduate teaching assistant in voice and in music theory, and as graduate research assistant in musicology.

She has a MM in Canto Lirico from the Conservatory D. Cimarosa in Avellino (2013; vocal performance with focus on music history), and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Lisbon (2010), where she added foreign languages to her studies, namely German, Spanish, and French. As a researcher, she has presented at conferences in Missouri and Italy, and has publications and translations in English, Portuguese, and Italian related to music, poetry, and philosophy.

With a major focus in Early Music as a scholar/performer, she has performed in several choirs and as a soloist in concerts, recitals, staged works/operas, and music festivals in Italy, Portugal, and USA. She won prizes in competitions such as “Città di Eboli” and “Campi Flegrei” (2011, Opera) in Italy, “Luísa Todi” (2015) in Portugal, “MMTA” (2014, 2015) and “American Prize” (2016, Art Song and Oratorio) in the USA. On stage in Italy and in the USA she has performed as Susanna in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, Cleopatra in Händel’s Giulio Cesare, Fortuna in Monteverdi’s Poppea, Zabel in Keil’s A Serrana, Amina in Bellini’s La Sonnambula, Suor Genevieffa in Puccini’s Suor Angelica, Premiére Musicienne in Lully’s Le Carnaval Masquerade, among others, and through the Amherst Early Music Festival with Dr. Julianne Baird, she performed in 2016 Orontea in Cesti’s Orontea.


Violin and Cello Lessons

John Dreyer, Instructor

Mondays beginning at  3:30 PM

30 minute lessons.

Please call  573-581-5592 for more information on available time slots.

Guitar Lessons


Grady Frazier, Instructor

Grady will be offering lessons Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Lesson are $30.00 per 1/2 hour.

Ages 7 and up, but younger will be considered pending an interview with the instructor.

Please call  573-581-5592 for more information on available time slots.

Piano Lessons

Stribling Piano Studio

The newly renovated Stribling Studio, located on the second floor of the lobby, houses two Yamaha studio pianos. Mr. Charles Stribling III donated the addition in honor of his mother and wife. It is a beautiful space with half story windows, carpeting, and beautiful furnishings. Our piano program is located in the Stribling Studio. Our main voice studio is located on the third floor of the lobby Southside.


Yukiyo Lake Piano Instructor

Piano instructor in the Suzuki method Book I

Ms. Lake will be offering lessons on Sunday afternoons and Tuesdays.

Lessons are $66.00 per month for 1/2 hour lessons

Please call 573-581-5592 for information on available time slots.


Margaret Frazier Piano Instructor

Piano instructor in the Suzuki method

Lessons are $66.00 per month for 1/2 hour lessons

Please call 573-581-5592 for information on available time slots.

Basic Tenets of The Suzuki Method

  • Every child can learn an early start (aged 3-4 is normal in most countries).
  • Each step of the way must be mastered and maintained.
  • Listening is of the utmost importance.
  • Positive parental involvement is crucial.
  • Music reading is introduced after basic aural and technical skills are established.
  • Learning to play before learning to read.
  • A nurturing and positive learning environment.
  • A high standard of teaching by trained teachers.
  • The importance of producing a good sound in a balanced and natural way.
  • Core repertoire, used by Suzuki students across the world.
  • Social interaction with other children: Suzuki students from all over the world can communicate through the language of music.

Home Practice

  • Practice Time – Parents should practice with the child at home daily. A regular time is most effective. Listening to the Suzuki recording should be done daily.
  • Jumping ahead – Never work on more than the assignment. It is often detrimental when a child “goes ahead” without the teacher’s guidance

Nurtured By Love By Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Ability Development From Age Zero By Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

To Learn With Love By William and Constance Starr

Suzuki Association link