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1. Your support for the participant in the arts and how you’ve noticed the arts impact on the participant. 2. Why is assistance needed? Are there extenuating circumstances in the household that presents the need for assistance? 3. Are you able and/or willing to commit time or talent to Presser? What or how could you do this? If not, please explain why?
1. Your interests in the arts, and what this opportunity means to you. 2. How have you been changed by the arts: or what do you expect from participating in this program/camp? (You may attach a typewritten or handwritten page) (Note to Guardian: If your child is not old enough to complete this part, you may tell us why you think this camp would benefit your student)
In order to receive grant awards from our foundations which fund our scholarship program, it is required that we track the authenticity of our scholarship participants. All information on this application is confidential and will only be shared with the Scholarship Committee. Please Send 2 Reference Letters Income Documentation to