2016 Poetry Winners

Co-sponsored by Mexico Ledger and Presser Performing Arts Center  

1st Place Winner Marilyn Schleuter

“Don’t Cry for Me”

Cry because you’ll miss me. Cry because memories make it hard. Cry because I’ll no longer be there. But   . . . don't cry for me.

I no longer cry from the pain. I no longer cry from the unfairness. I no longer cry for what I would leave behind. My tears are now of rejoicing and awe . . .

For I am sitting at the feet of the Master. So you see its okay to cry, but . . . Don’t cry for me.

2nd place Winner

Cheri Erdel

Down the highway the van was zooming, And up ahead it was LOOMING – The giant rainbow ribboned hot air balloon. We couldn’t get there any too soon.

World of Fun – Oceans of Fun And, Oh, the fun had just begun! Off on another fun-filled trip, And poor old Dad was losing his zip.

Let’s see, there’s pay for the parking – don’t lose the stub. Buy all the tickets – “How many have come?” Park the van two miles away – Then listen to Mom complain, complain! Everyone ready? Load up the gear. Then fie it to food ole mother dear. They’re sunglasses, sandwiches stroller and sunscreen, Cameras, Kleenex, caps and creams.

Come on Mom, there’s so much to see!!!

Smear on the sunscreen-roll up your sleeves! We’ll all have a sunburn before we leave! There’s so much to do, it’s hard to choose. In every direction there is something to amuse.

Callie, she chose the merry-go-round As we watched it go up and down. Ben went for the bumper cars. We knew before long, he’d be seein’stars.

Peter, who’d been dreaming of candy and treats, Soon had forgotten about good things to eat! For his eyes were now riveted to the high twisting track! We knew in a moment there’d be no turning back!

Would it be possible? Could it be true??? That he’d be roller coaster qualified before the day was through? In order to earn this qualification, He must ride the “Express” without hesitation!

But that isn’t all that had to be done. There’d be lots more excitement, lots more fun! Hang on to your britches, hold on to your hat! You’re sure to have fun, I’m certain of that!

There are two other roller coasters that’ll scare you to death! So close your eyes and hold your breath. Jittering, Jumping, jerking, jolting . . . Rip-rollin’ cars, forever bolting.

It takes two brave rides on each of the three To be roller coaster qualified, if you know what I mean.

Two brave rides with your hands in the air . . . I bet you can’t do it – won’t take the dare. You’ll be screaming, sighing, shrieking, squealing. It’s not for ALL, that this is appealing.

But if you like Peter, and feel that you must, You’ll be roller coaster qualified or bite the dust!!!

3rd Place Winner

Becky Craig

“Goddess” She is a bashful lady With hair if faded fire. Reluctant to bare her full-figured glory, She Peaks, teasingly, from behind Feather boa clouds And begins her flirtatious dance. Through eons of animalia She was a silent goddess, Serene and sensual. Songs sung to her beauty Were coaxed and torn from the throats Of living creatures, Sung in wonder, fear, Love, and prayer. Her essence, her children, Are impatient beams Which spark and undulate On waving ripples In a dance of life. In smiling flashing splendor She steps forth And spreads glory On lilac-laden summer nights. The moon is a cold-hearted orb Some have said. She dances barefoot tonight.

Poetry Competition

Winners announced May 5thThe judges have had such a hard time this year!!! We are extending the time for announcing the winners, please be patient!!

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National Poetry Month is APRIL! 

the Mexico Ledger and Presser Performing Arts Center


Annual Poetry Competition

Deadline April 22 5:00 pm

Winners announced May 5th

$5.00 entry fee per poem  Grand Prize - $100.00 Cash


All decisions are final.  Judging will be blind. (do not put your name on entries)  Entry fees are non-refundable.    Keep your original.  Copies will not be returned.  You may enter as many times as you like.  Each entry must include an entry fee and entry form.  All entries must be typed on light colored paper.  You must include 3 copies of each poem.

You may deiliver your entries to

The Mexico Ledger,  300 North Washington,  Mexico, Mo 65265

Payment may be check or cash.  Attach 3 copies of your poem to the entry form.  (NO NAMES on poems!)

Automatic Disqualification:  Graphic language/violent or sexual content.  Missing entry fee or identifying information.  The winnning entries will be published at and the Mexico Ledger.

entry form:

"Attached is my original work, never before published in any media.  I agree to all terms.


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